Predict 2021: What does the workplace of the future look like?

Wednesday, December 9th, 2020 | 11:00AM - 1200PM ET

Dropbox, Twitter, and Shopify have confirmed their employees will continue to work from home as long as they want, according to Forbes, while companies like Amazon, Zillow, and Target have put hard dates to mark the end of their remote-first policies. And when Microsoft offices reopen, it will be in a hybrid model, allowing employees to work from home less than 50% of the working week.

Which of these models will ultimately win out? It’s important to understand because many employees across the country are assuming they are no longer bound to a specific location, and instead are electing to move to a more desirable location whether it be for better taxes, closer to family, or just a generally better quality of life.

With all of this uncertainty, it’s difficult to know where the workplace of the future will be. So, we’ve invited top agile & DevOps leaders to give their take on where the workplace is heading in 2021 and what they’ve learned from 2020. They’ll share what’s worked, what hasn’t worked, and what they’re hearing from other agile and DevOps leaders.

Check out this webinar to learn:

  • If the office as we know it done for good?
  • How agile and DevOps orgs remain effective while distributed.
  • How many leaders expect their teams to return to the office, how many aren’t bringing their teams back, how many are taking a wait-and-see approach.
  • Are hybrid home and office workplaces the way of the future?
  • The role tools and processes play in enabling your remote teams in 2021.

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Alan Brown

Strategy Advisor, Entrepreneur, and Professor in Digital Economy

Alan is an entrepreneur, practitioner, and university professor who has spent over 30 years working in the software industry to improve software development and delivery at the core of business transformation. He is now engaged in research and consulting with startups and established organizations across the public and private sector. He has written several books on enterprise software delivery and digital transformation, and holds a Professorship in Digital Economy at the University of Exeter, UK and a Fellowship at the Alan Turing Institute, the UK National institute for data science and AI.


Christine Ashton

Transformational CIO
Cogventive Ltd.

Christine Ashton is recognised as an influential CIO/CTO/Women/ CIO100 in technology for inclusive global leadership. An experienced Business Executive and NED with a track record in complex business, technology and digital transformations.
Christine is experienced in working across industries to deliver change and helping companies to build digital resilience as they transform their businesses. She has a background in both regulated national infrastructure and global industries that includes oil and gas, financial services, private equity, transport, utilities, data services, consumer product Industries and telecommunications.

Derek Holt

Derek Holt

General Manager, Agile & DevOps 

As General Manager of Agile and DevOps at Digital.ai, Derek brings nearly 20 years of experience leading large enterprise and startup technology companies with a consistent focus on the digital transformation. Derek joined Digital.ai after serving as President & COO of K4Connect, a venture backed IoT software company focused on bringing digital solutions to empower older adults and individuals living with disabilities. He received a BS in Computer Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University and an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, where he was named a Fuqua Scholar.