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Elevate Agile-plus-DevOps with Value Stream Management

Agile-plus-DevOps have been key transformational practices to delivering better software faster, but the focus is now shifting from merely producing output to maximizing value delivery. Organizations are increasingly augmenting Agile-plus-DevOps efforts with Value Stream Management to deliver meaningful software that drives business outcomes and customer results. VSM provides complete visibility into the end-to-end software lifecycle so organizations can better understand the value they deliver, uncover waste, and implement process efficiencies to streamline the flow of value to customers.

To fulfill the growing need for enterprise-scale VSM solutions, many vendors are building VSM capabilities into their existing tools that are yet to mature into full-fledged solutions. Forrester recommends experimenting with VSM tools now to experience the immediate benefits of greater value delivery.

By reading this report, you will learn:

  • How VSM fills the gaps in Agile-plus-DevOps efforts
  • Common software development challenges that VSM solves such as lack of visibility at the portfolio level
  • VSM tool capabilities to consider such as integration with DevOps tools
  • Map of today's VSM vendors and their technology backgrounds (CI/CD, ALM etc.)
  • Practical steps to start your VSM journey

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