Fireside Chat with Forrester: Why Adoption of Agile is still a struggle after 20+ years

While there are many different paths to enterprise agility, doing it at scale and with consistency is not easy. A recent Forrester report shows that 69% of global organizations have adopted agile practices, but the vast majority of those – 74% – have been at this for only two years or less. How many companies are seeing real, transformational value?

Whether the approach is “big bang” or “ad hoc”, some organizations have done better in delivering real value when scaling Agile to the whole organization. That means making it stretch from business and technology leaders through to delivery teams and customers.

Tune in on a conversation between featured guest, Margo Visitacion, Vice President and Principal Analyst of enterprise agile planning and delivery practices at Forrester, and Tony Ludwig, Digital.ai Solution Architect, as they discuss:

  • How to achieve strategic alignment
  • What it takes to think bigger and more holistically
  • Best practices for successful Agile adoption

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Margo Visitacion

Vice President, Principal Analyst

Margo Visitacion is a vice president and principal analyst helping application development and delivery professionals address the challenges of scaling Agile planning and delivery practices to the enterprise level. Her research focuses on scaling Agile practices to the enterprise, Agile financial planning, strategic portfolio management as a means to deliver successful business outcomes, and program and product management. Margo also covers collaborative work management that enables knowledge workers to be more productive.

Tony Ludwig

Solutions Engineer - SPC, CSM, CSPO, PMI-ACP, SPC4

Tony Ludwig, employed as a Sales Engineer at Digital.ai, provides strategic technical pre-sales support and coaching on Digital/ai’s Value Stream Platform. Tony has over 35 years total experience in software systems, and has over 18 years in the Agile space, has been a certified SPC since 2014 SAFe 3.0. He also is a LeSS certified. Tony additionally worked with Ivar Jacobson with the creation of EssUp and is a contributing author to Ivar’s eBook Use Cases 2.0. Tony started his career in 1985 as a Software Engineer for real-time embedded systems for the government. Tony’s work includes BSY-2 Seawolf Submarine Program to which Tony’s major responsibility was the Design and Implementation of TACG Non-Acoustics Tracking System, He also worked on the CEC/DDS Network Acquisition (for Ships/Jets) capability that enabled the communication through radio waves and helped diagnose the issues THAAD was having in the mid to late 90s. Tony has also consulted with other government agencies such as Treasury, USPTO, and Freddie Mac. Tony is also grateful for having been mentored by such great Yourdon Consultants as Becky Winant, Mike Silvis, III (three), Meilir Page-Jones, and others that have greatly influenced his knowledge & experience in the software systems space.