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Virtual Lunch N Learn: Effective metrics that help you avoid big application deployment failures


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"Murphy’s Law" is almost always present when releasing applications in various environments. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, no matter the approach–manual or automated–you take or the modern and sophisticated deployment strategies you deploy.

Join us for a dynamic fireside chat with our product team to learn how effective operational metrics can help you identify unpleasant surprises upfront and avoid the distress of application change failure.

In this virtual fireside chat, you will learn about:

  • The newest Deployment dashboard included in the Release & Deploy products
  • How to drill down into deployment metrics over multiple releases, applications, and environments
  • Spotting unusual deployment patterns and avoiding subsequent change failures

(*) included in the Release & Deploy Premium edition.

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Silvia Davis

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Silvia Davis has 20+ years in IT technology and product management. She worked for enterprise corporations, including IBM, Hewlett Packard, and Dell Technologies. Silvia has led thousands of projects and is currently managing an AI-powered DevOps platform solution focusing on enterprise agile and predictive analytics. Silvia shares stories on how to be successful when starting the journey to AI-based analytics using machine learning from the process, people, and technology.

Charitra Agrawal

Director, Product Management

Charitra Agrawal has over 15 years in product management, which includes 9+ years in Business Intelligence. He is currently responsible for managing areas of VSM Intelligence with Change Risk Prediction and Service Management Process Optimization solutions. Previous experience includes 5+ years in product management for Oracle-Hyperion Planning and Budgeting suite and 3+ years as a Consultant and Team Lead for INFOR-BAAN ERP Suite. Charitra has his MBA (Finance and IT Systems) and MCA.