Why Digital Transformation Requires an Integrated Value Delivery Approach

At the heart of software-driven digital transformation is access to a continuous stream of accurate, relevant data to support rapid decision making. Organizations now demand interconnected real-time intelligence to replace disconnected tool silos, static dashboards, and out-of-date reports. Only then can organizations adapt to changing conditions to provide more product features while lowering overall technical debt.

In this roundtable discussion, industry experts will:

  • Explore how cross-lifecycle data is an important foundation for agile decision making
  • Share experiences in delivering a continuous value stream of product and service capabilities to support clients
  • Show how software leaders and digital delivery executives can focus their effort on providing value to clients while accelerating digital transformation

Contributing to the discussion will be:

  • Alan Brown, Strategy Advisor, Entrepreneur, and Professor in Digital Economy
  • Derek Holt, General Manager, Digital.ai
  • Jilee Rich, Director – Financial Service Center PMO, The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Eric Ledyard, Managing Director – CIO Advisory, KPMG

Join this lively conversation to find out more about how you can access your software delivery activities data to gain deeper insights and turn them into increased value across your organization.

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Alan Brown

Strategy Advisor, Entrepreneur, and Professor in Digital Economy

Alan has been delivering impact as an entrepreneur and in business for over 30 years, working predominantly in software delivery to power business transformation. He is also a university professor, researcher, coach and trusted adviser to start-ups and established organizations across the public and private sector. He has written several books on enterprise software delivery and digital transformation, and holds a Professorship in Digital Economy at the University of Exeter, UK and a Fellowship at the Alan Turing Institute, the UK National institute for data science and AI.

Derek Holt

General Manager of Intelligent DevOps

Derek brings nearly 20 years of experience leading large enterprise and startup technology companies with a consistent focus on the digital transformation. Derek joined Digital.ai after serving as President & COO of K4Connect, a venture backed IoT software company. Prior to K4Connect, Derek was a member of the founding executive team at Startup America Partnership, a public-private partnership with the White House focused on accelerating entrepreneurship and regional startup ecosystems.

Jilee Rich

Director – Financial Service Center PMO
The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Under his current role, Jilee serves as a thought leader in Portfolio Management as well as IT innovation, as he works to transform how teams deliver value to customers through new methodologies, tools and practices including SAFe and Product Line Management. Jilee brings more than two decades of experience leading IT acquisitions, audit, product and project management efforts – in both private and public sectors. He joined the VA in 2006 and has played many key roles including: IT Auditor, Acquisitions Specialist, Project Manager and Program Manager prior to his current role.

Eric Ledyard

Managing Director – CIO Advisory

Eric brings over 20 years of experience across both the vendor and customer landscape to drive high-impact business value and transformation strategies for organizations. As a leader in KPMG’s CIO Advisory practice, Eric is responsible for aligning KPMG solutions to the specific needs of Modern Delivery clients. His diverse background has allowed Eric to build specialized skills in the areas of: Infrastructure and Cloud Computing, Software Development and DevOps, and ESM and Value Stream Management.