DevOps Enterprise Summit

Meet with experts at the DevOps Enterprise Summit at Booth #204 will have DevOps and AI experts on-site to give you insights into orchestrating end-to-end application delivery to increase process efficiency and accelerate digital transformation. From digital solutions, products, and teams, we've got you covered. 

We will host private consultations to review, evaluate and discuss solutions that can help you continuously deliver applications at scale using AI-powered analytics.

AI and Machine Learning specialists: discuss metrics to reduce cycle-time and predictable data to avoid the risk of change failure. Including DORA metrics.
DevOps experts: discuss value stream management and flow optimization.

Expert consultation meeting times are limited. Request an appointment now for the best availability.

Book a meeting now to learn more about:
  • AI-ML Value Stream management, KPIs and DORA metrics
  • DevOps, continuous delivery
  • Release orchestration and automated deployment management is trusted by leading companies worldwide because we have enabled them to gain: 

  • 50% down on cycle-time 
  • 220% improved throughput 
  • From 10% to 60% automated releases 
And most importantly, improved morale! Here is what the Director of an enterprise says, “We can create and deliver value in the hands of end-users a lot faster.” — Director of enterprise Agility, Financial services. 

Top 3 Benefits

Manage Complexity

  • Model and visualize any release process into a single view for improved management, tracking, and optimization 
  • Seamlessly integrate with all of your existing DevOps tools and systems  
  • Capture and consolidate all of the data related to your release process so everyone is working from the same information 

Increase speed and efficiency

  • Automate management and enforcement of dependencies to avoid delays and failures 
  • Automatically generated and optimized deployment plans help you to reduce IT overhead 
  • Quickly identify and address bottlenecks with easy report generation and analysis 

Increase visibility and collaboration 

  • Fully customizable dashboards provide a single pane of glass for data from all your DevOps tools 
  • Comprehensive reports and data analytics provide the insights teams need to address inefficiencies and drive impactful transformation 
  • Single-click release audit reports help you quickly prove end-to-end compliance 

Why We're Here: AI-powered DevOps platform is an industry-leading enterprise Value Stream Delivery Platform (VSDP) solution that helps you orchestrate your application pipeline, identify and remove bottlenecks by automating the application delivery process, and deliver resilient applications. 

Read the Gartner Market Guide for Value Stream Delivery Platforms and learn how you can take advantage of our value stream management solution to scale your DevOps initiatives across software delivery. Read the report.