Ask a DevOps Guru

In today's world of fast-paced business, cross-team collaboration is imperative to stay ahead of the pack. And the relationship between Development and Operations is no exception. As more and more organizations adopt DevOps, the requisite skills required to practice it effectively become increasingly important. Whether you've been practicing DevOps for years or are just now getting your first exposure, this webinar has something for professionals of all skill levels.

DevOps Guru Logan Daigle, Director of DevOps Strategy and Delivery at Digital.ai, answers questions in a live chat format. Hear the great range of DevOps questions and dialogue with your peers.

Are you ready to take your knowledge of DevOps best practices to the next level?

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Logan Daigle

Director, DevOps Strategy and Delivery

Logan has been involved with providing and implementing DevOps solutions since 2011. He has development and DevOps experience in the military, government, healthcare, retail, and finance industries. Logan has a passion for being Agile, doing DevOps well and using agile engineering practices to build, test and deploy software. His experiences have been in support of both Windows and Linux infrastructure, and many tools that are key to the success of applications in both. He is currently focusing on evangelizing in the technology community to bring DevOps to the masses.