Agile 2022 Conference

Meet with experts at the Agile 2022 Conference will have Agile, DevOps, and AI experts on-site to give you insights into orchestrating end-to-end application delivery to enable digital transformation.

We will host private consultations to evaluate how your organization is scaling agile throughout the enterprise and discuss how you can orchestrate and automate processes to deliver applications faster to support your business initiatives.

Expert consultation meeting times are limited. Request an appointment now for the best availability. Book a meeting with: 

  • Agile Coaches: Discuss Agile processes, leadership and technology
  • AI and Machine Learning Specialists: Discuss metrics and predictable data
  • DevOps Experts: Discuss Value Stream Management and optimization Agility is trusted by leading companies worldwide because it enabled them to gain: 

  • 50% down on cycle-time 
  • 220% improved throughput 
  • From 10% to 60% automated releases 
And most importantly, improved morale! Here is what the Director of an enterprise says, “We can create and deliver value in the hands of end-users a lot faster.” — Director of enterprise Agility, Financial services. Agility: Top 3 Benefits

Drive Consistency and Efficiency

  • Improve consistency across the organization with portfolio-level planning 
  • Easily adopt leading enterprise agile frameworks to provide faster time to value 
  • Reduce the cost of adoption of enterprise agile planning  

Increase Speed of Development and Delivery of Value

  • Easily prioritize your portfolio backlog to improve business agility  
  • Reduce time and costs for data consolidation to create a single source of truth 
  • Accelerate time to value to get unrivaled insights

Improve Visibility and Collaboration

  • Unified portfolio-level views to make data-driven decisions 
  • Improve insights with the ability to extend visibility from Agile to DevOps 
  • Easily diagnose what is happening with out-of-the-box AI-powered analytics 

Why We're Here: Agility is an industry-leading enterprise agile planning solution that drives consistency and efficiency by scaling agile practices across all levels, from teams to the entire product portfolio.