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IT Change Management Risk Prediction Demo

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Are IT change failures holding you back in increasing your deployment frequency? As IT landscapes become more complex, large organizations are challenged to balance more frequent changes with the risk of service disruptions. IT Change Management risk assessment is rapidly becoming a science, yet many organizations still rely on gut feel when it comes to predicting IT change failure.

To truly predict change risk, you have to understand both the up-stream and down-stream impact of your changes. You can only do this by integrating data from a range of IT sources, including DevOps, IT Service Management, and Application Performance Management (APM) systems to create a unified view of all change-related problems and incidents.

The Digital.ai Change Risk Prediction software blends data across all these systems and applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques to provide organizations with the intelligence they need to predict and mitigate IT change risk. Battle-tested at Fortune 500 organizations, it delivers tangible results in under three months.

Did you know that by reducing the IT change failure rate just 0.5% the average Fortune 500 company could save more than $1M / year?

Watch the demo to learn how to:

  • Identify change-related issues before your customers find them
  • Better predict IT change failure and mitigate the risk of change-related outages
  • Increase your change velocity to become more responsive to the needs of the business
  • Improve the efficiency of your Change Advisory Board (CAB), by helping them focus on the highest-risk changes
  • Use analytics and AI to reduce change rework/recovery costs

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